A Junior In College
Computer Science and Technology (Embedded Development Direction)


What I am all about.

My name is Zhou, a Han nationality from Anhui Province. Now I am a junior in Computer Science and Technology (Embedded Direction) of Minjiang University in 2016.

Professional courses in school have excellent academic performance. They are deeply involved in C and C++. At the same time, they have a good understanding of the current mainstream programming languages (such as Java, Python, PHP, GoLang, E). At the same time, we can use image and video processing software such as Photoshop, Corel VideoStudio, After Effects, Premiere and so on.

C 60%
C++ 40%
Java 50%
Photoshop and other image and video processing software.65%
Html& PHP& Others 40%


Batman would be jealous.

Post experience

From 2016 to now, he has served as the branch book of Class 2 of Computer Science and Technology.During his sophomore year, he served as Minister of Technology of Media Center of Student Union.

Winning experience

Six Science and Technology Festivals Awarded in School.
First Prize in Web Design Competition.
Second Prize in Installation Competition, etc.


Taking advantage of the sophomore department's holiday to participate in the activities of "going to the countryside three times" organized by the school, the sophomore Department won the title of "advanced individual" in social practice.
Lead the class to win the honors of five-star League branch, school top ten theme group day.
Achieved honors such as outstanding student cadres, charismatic League letters, etc.


I build the real value.

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Principal Fund Project

Intelligent Cloud Medicine Box

As a team leader, the project of Intelligent Cloud Pharmaceutical Box was launched and supported by RMB2000 Project Fund through the Principal Fund.

An intelligent reminder kit was developed to realize the functions of reminder and health monitoring.

Project Leader: Zhou

Designer: Zhou

Developer: Wang

Customer: Wang,Lin,Su,Zhu

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Challenge Cup

Deep-sea aquaculture platform based on Tiantong-1 satellite

Participate in the research of "Deep-sea aquaculture platform based on Tiantong-1" satellite, and join the Challenge Cup competition with the other four team members.

Portfolio Image

In November 2018, I set up my own personal blog website to record personal life and experience sharing. As of April 2019, the total number of visitors exceeded 4W, with an average daily IP value of 300 +, and a PV value of 100.+

At the same time, “code.myepoch.cn” is established as a code resource station to share the source code and experience in learning.

Designer: Zhou YQ

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Other Web Design

Head-image Generator for the 60th Anniversary of MJU

On the occasion of the 60th anniversary celebration of Minjiang University, and in response to the request of the leaders of Minjiang University, a self-designed image generator for commemorating the 60th anniversary of Minjiang University was designed. During the celebration period, the cumulative visits were 2 W.

Project Leader: Zhou

Designer: Zhou

Developer: Zhou

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